It’s only Fair (use)

Fair use is an issue that plagues various different websites and their creators. For this blog post, to help people understand the rules of fair use, i’ll provide and explain different examples read to watch. I’ll be focusing on YouTube and some channels that struggle with issues involving Fair Use.

What is Fair Use? Good Question.

That’s a question that companies, big and small, have problems understanding and to be fair, some creators have a hard time following the rules too.

In the words of Richard/Rich Stim, a blogger and Attorney “In its most general sense, a fair use is any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and “transformative” purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work‘.

Using said materials can be done without the authorisation or permission of the creator. These types of works are littered throughout Youtube, whether it is a Game/Movie Review, a Remix or a parody.

Basically, Fair use laws and regulations protect creators that wish to transform a piece of work, as long as it has major differences from the original work. It also protects a persons work from being stolen and used by someone else for monetary gains. Years ago, anyone could claim that they had the rights to a video, thankfully this has changed slightly.

Claiming a video isn’t a very difficult process. To claim a video, you must have a “Content ID”. Content ID is a system that is used to “easily identify and manage their content on YouTube. Videos uploaded to YouTube are scanned against a database of files that have been submitted to us by content owners. Copyright owners get to decide what happens when content in a video on YouTube matches a work they own. When this happens, the video gets a Content ID claim.” (Thanks Youtube for the link)

These claims can make it hard for creators who have used a piece of someone else’s work to enhance their own. The income received from the video that has been claimed will be withheld from the YouTuber and the claimer for 5 days, affecting their income for a short period of time. This is an improvement on the 2013/14 strategy, where the money would go to the claimer.

A claim on a video can lead to a copyright strike, and 3 copyright strikes will result in an account being terminated. No matter how many views, subscribers and videos. Which can result in a loss of a steady income.

Now, for an example.

H3H3 Productions –

So, Ethan and Hila (H3H3) created a video reacting to another video by a YouTuber called Matt Hosseinzadeh (his channel is the “Matt Hoss Zone”). In this reaction video, they mocked and criticised Matt’s video (with good reason). Understandably Matt didn’t appreciate their views and opinions on his video. So Matt filed a lawsuit against Ethan and Hila.

The Reaction Video –


Another Example.


This particular example, “Angry Joe”, in the video discusses the difficulty of uploading his videos. He is a game reviewer, who uploads 30 minute reviews. These videos typically get around 1 – 2 millions views each.



In this video Joe discusses the issues of YouTube’s copyright and how much he has been copyright claimed.

Here’s a quick list of a few of the claims

  • 18  videos game footage from game trailers
  • 16 song clips
  • 11 purchased songs
  • 12 game soundtracks, theme songs playing in the game itself
  • 3 movie clips from reviews

These claims are on videos that are either Game/Game trailer reviews or Movie Reviews. These videos are examples of transformative media which is allowed under fair use.


And here’s one more example just for fun.

A YouTuber called “Total Biscuit” created a game review based on a game that he found to be unsatisfactory. This is an example of the abuse of claims and fair use on YouTube. The claimer was the creator of the game itself. He didn’t agree with the way that “Total Biscuit” reviewed his game and the things he had to say about it. The video i’ve linked has Total Biscuit discussing the issue and how he is approaching it. This video helped push YouTube to change and improve their copyright claiming system for the better.

In later blog posts, I will be discussing in further detail the laws and the future of Fair Use and its role in society. How will it affect the way people create entertainment? Will it continue to be used as a form of censorship or will it be improved as time goes on.


Where I’m From


The clips I’ve used, show the environment in which I grew up in. Lyon describes her childhood using imagery and I tried to create a visual understanding of the city and eventually showing the place where I have the most childhood memories. I took inspiration from not only Lyon, but Yasujirô Ozu as well. This is shown by using various straight angles such as the bridge cables, the objects in the bench clip, the red pillars and the wire fence, similar to Ozu’s films. For some shots, especially in the city clips, I attempted to separate the clip into three sections, splitting the background, the middle and the foreground.

Video –


Channel Criswell (2015) Yasujirô Ozu – The Depth of Simplicity

[Available at:]

Lyon, G – Where I’m From

[Available at:]

Spacey, Andrew (2017) Analysis of Poem “Where I’m From” by George Ellen Lyon [Available at:]

Holliday, Stephen – How is the concept of belonging shown in George Ella Lyon’s poem “Where I’m From”?

[Available at:]

Board Games. The Sheriff of Nottingham.

This first post for this semester of university is about a board games that I played in a BCM300 Tutorial. This board game was actually very entertaining and continued to surprise me with creative techniques, rules and strategies to win the game. The game is the board game of the year in 2015, “The Sheriff of Nottingham”, created by Sergio Halaban, Andre Zatz and Bryan Pope.

Shitreff of Cockingham.jpg

The Sheriff of Nottingham is a game about deceit. At the start of the game, you receive a certain amount of coins and cards. There are two types of cards, Green (Legal Goods) and Red (Contraband). The idea of the game is to have the most coins at the end, and on each card there is a number, that number being the amount of coins its worth.


Each round, a person is chosen to be the Sheriff, and their goal is to find the contraband and catch the people smuggling it. They can choose to look at the cards of the other plays in order to find the contraband, however if they look at someones cards who hasn’t attempted to smuggle contraband, the Sheriff pays the person who’s cards he looked at. If they do catch the smugglers, the Sheriff receives however much the contraband was worth.

Confusing? I understand. Could be how I’ve described it (most likely). Even when reading the rules, we were all a little confused.

The game incorporates quick rounds, lying, trust building exercises, strategy and blends it all together quite successfully. Despite the large amount of complex rules, it was an entertaining game. The characters and design of the game is cartoonish. Obviously referencing Robin Hood, however attempting to distance themselves from the main character, that being old mate Robin. There are various different ways in which to play, even not smuggling contraband and obeying the law can help you win the game, which makes the game more about risky plays and strategic moves. I personally went for the “all in” method towards the end in order to get more coins, this involved attempting to smuggle as much contraband as I could, it wasn’t effective as I lost pretty much all my coins in the process.


By Harry

How Much Do We Procrastinate?

I personally like some of the participants interviewed in this project, get easily distracted and have an incredible talent when it comes to procrastinating. I can find myself spending hours doing the wrong thing to avoid doing work. I tend to spend my time using YouTube, keeping up to date on all the news and all the channels I’ve watched over the course of a few years. new-youtube-logo-840x402

YouTube has grown since its creation to become a goliath amongst the other social media websites on the internet. In 2009, YouTube within 60 days would have uploaded an equivalent of 60 years of broadcasting. YouTube has continued to grow and expand as time goes on. Now with over 1 billion users, 1 billion hours watched daily, YouTube is a website/application that every single person has encountered in their daily lives. The aim of this research project is to explore what people watch whilst procrastinating and the lengths people will go to not complete the task at hand, e.g. completing assignments or studying for exams. Qualitative research methods are useful in researching a topic like this as it has the potential to provide an in-depth understanding on the what, the when, and why people are watching these videos in order to procrastinate. With this project, I would like to shed light on the different genres and types of videos that people watch on YouTube, depending on their personal interests. This project also aims to discuss how audience experiences and media practices are spatial in nature. There are various qualitative research methods that would be useful in providing information on the subject, such as Focus groups and surveys, however, I believe that interviews would be more effective based on the fact that questions I want to ask, require detailed responses.






  • Nathaniel  21yrs/M– Communication and Media

Would you consider yourself a hard worker? No not really. I’ll do what I have to as long as I pass.

Do you think you procrastinate a lot when you study? Yes, a lot. I’ll find any excuse to not do work.

How often do you use YouTube when you’re relaxing? Pretty much all the time, I’ll watch the normal channels I watch, and if there’s something else I see that interests me, it’s all over. I use it to get my news too. I don’t really know who’s pulling the strings behind the scenes with certain TV News Stations. With YouTube channels, I understand who’s putting the information forward and it also helps me understand different opinions on certain situations.

What type of videos do you watch on YouTube when you’re relaxing? Mostly comedy and gaming YouTubers, I pretty much watch what I enjoy doing myself. I can spend hours watching videos in my subscription list. It helps me relax and forget about stuff that’s going on.

Do you use YouTube when you’re studying? Well it depends on the subject, sometimes I guess videos can help me understand and explain things.

Do you use YouTube to avoid doing study? Constantly. I’ll use anything to not study. I’m more than happy to avoid study, unless I’ve left it heaps late.

What type of videos do you watch on YouTube when you’re meant to be studying? I’ll watch the usual stuff that I’d watch if I wasn’t studying. Like, I’d sometimes watch science videos, channels like VSauce and stuff like that, but if I can’t be bothered studying, I’ll certainly watch something like that, like I twist my own arm to watch it.

Do you think you get easily distracted by websites like YouTube and Facebook? Oh yeah, no doubt. I’ll scroll through my feed for hours without thinking, just to avoid doing work, for sure.

What do you use the most when you’re procrastinating? I personally use YouTube a fair bit to begin with, but when I’m procrastinating I use it a lot as well.

Does procrastinating through websites such as YouTube or Facebook severely affect your potential for more marks and higher test scores? I hope not. I don’t really think it does. I guess it adds more stress because there’s less time to complete the task at hand, but I’d probably do it in the same amount of time anyway.


  • Tara 19yr/F – Education, Drama

Would you consider yourself a hard worker? Yes I would generally, especially when I feel what I’m working towards is of significance.

Do you think you procrastinate a lot when you study? Yes, unfortunately. Definitely more at uni, and more as each year passes

How often do you use YouTube when you’re relaxing? I mean I would say, I probably check it every day, maybe more than that. But I’d rather be doing other things, that’s if I have free time though.

What type of videos do you watch on YouTube when you’re relaxing? Make-up or beauty videos. I watch a few comedy ones, probably just mainstream YouTube videos and a little bit of BuzzFeed. They just pump out videos, so if there’s nothing to watch I’ll just check them out.

Do you use YouTube when you’re studying? No not at all. I think it’s good for science stuff, but not necessarily for my degree.

Do you use YouTube to avoid doing studying? Yes. While my laptops with work, I go on my phone.

What type of videos do you watch on YouTube when you’re meant to be studying? If I’m using it to enjoy it, I’ll scroll through my subscriptions and pick the ones that seem interesting to me, but when I’m studying I’ll watch anything at all, or any related videos. I’ll even watch people I’d normally find annoying when I’m studying like “Zoella”.

Do you think you get easily distracted by websites like YouTube and Facebook? Yeah when I’m bored.

What do you use the most when you’re procrastinating? Probably YouTube, but I’ll check Instagram and Facebook constantly.

Does procrastinating through websites such as YouTube or Facebook severely affect your potential for more marks and higher test scores? I mean yes to a degree, they definitely don’t help. I don’t know whether I’d find a different avenue for procrastination instead of YouTube and stuff. When I’m in that mood and unmotivated, I’d do anything else. But I don’t think they help at all.


  • Matt 22yr/M– History, Arts

Would you consider yourself a hard worker? No but I can work hard when I need to.

Do you think you procrastinate a lot when you study? Yeah all the time, until the last minute

How often do you use YouTube when you’re relaxing? Rarely, I don’t watch that many videos at all to be honest

What type of videos do you watch on YouTube when you’re relaxing? When I watch videos, I usually watch cooking videos

Do you use YouTube when you’re studying? No, I don’t use it really at all for my degree. Like if you were to build a shelf It would be useful, but it doesn’t suit my degree

Do you use YouTube to avoid doing studying? A little bit, but not really. It’s the bottom of the barrel of all my choices, that’s when I know I should probably start.

What type of videos do you watch on YouTube when you’re meant to be studying? Pretty much only cooking videos. I’ve watched wood carvings and Bob Ross of course. They’re relaxing and easy to watch.

Do you think you get easily distracted by websites like YouTube and Facebook? Facebook mainly. The more I want to procrastinate, the lower my standards go.

What do you use the most when you’re procrastinating? I’ll read a bit, I’ll find something interesting and research it. I’ll look up how certain movies are made and stuff. I want to learn, I just don’t want to learn about whatever I need to learn about.

Does procrastinating through websites such as YouTube or Facebook severely affect your potential for more marks and higher test scores? I get by pretty well without doing much work to be honest, also I’ve never been able to just work. It doesn’t really matter what I do, I just procrastinate.



Students avoid doing their study in various ways. These interviews helped shed light on the levels of procrastination that some university students go to. However, there were some issues regarding the interviews. The questions were heavily based on the assumption that almost every student spends their time on websites like YouTube. Most interviewees did use YouTube on a regular basis, however there as shown above, there was an interviewee which didn’t use YouTube on a regular basis at all. However, he did use it in some circumstances which did help the research project.

The interviews create a better understanding of the various YouTube videos and channels that students use to avoid doing the set work from their courses. The research shows the variety in channels being viewed, e.g. Beauty channels like “Zoella”, comedy channels, “wood carving” and “Bob Ross”. The interviews also discussed how some university students procrastinate and how much they do so on YouTube, most used YouTube and other social media websites, however a participant didn’t use YouTube as much and would only use in certain circumstances. The project shows the differences in the usage of YouTube for procrastination and usage in general.

Research Communication – BCM241

My original perception of blogging is completely different to what it is now. I didn’t realise how effective it was at helping to convey various ideas and messages, and as we as a society are becoming more involved with technology and social media, it’s becoming a much more frequent way of getting ideas out into the world.

When I first started blogging, it was only for my assignments at university. However, now I’m becoming more aware of blogging as a platform to discuss and convey ideas of certain aspects of life, or even to show people/the readers what your passion is. My blog is basically a resume. I’ve been blogging since I started university at Wollongong. It’s taken me several years and semesters to completely understand the purpose for these blogs. Before, i’d go through a semester of posting blogs on a regular basis and during the holidays you wouldn’t hear a word from me. I feel like people at university and people who have undergone the same subjects/degree that I have can relate to the fact that when you’re on holidays, the last thing you want to do is a blog post. However, now I realise the potential that blog posts can have. I’ve made various different blogs with a few different people, all of which had different ideas and goals behind them.

My blog posts have fluctuated in quantity depending on how busy I am and how motivated I am at the time. However, I personally feel that the quality of the blog posts have been consistent, whether it’s consistently good or bad is up to whomever is reading this and to have an audience that follows consistently, you need to have a writer/blogger to post consistently. Of all the problems I personally have had with blogging, consistency is the main issue. There are various other aspects that I have problems with, like spelling errors, in some instances a lack of resources and overall effort put into the blogs. These are aspects that I believe will change over time. I will improve as I continue to submit blog posts inside and outside of university.

In my blogs, I try to create the image that I am having a conversation with the reader. I try to be somewhat colloquial mixed with a serious or formal tone. This is an attempt to make a connection with the reader, entertaining them whilst trying to provide my personal insight or opinion on certain topics, although a fair few of my blog posts have been about miscellaneous mumbo jumbo. Since I started blogging, I feel i’ve changed my tone from something formal to more colloquial. This is because I’ve become more relaxed when I write a blog, I’m less worried about the frequent spelling mitsakes (that was intentional) and more worried about the overall message of the blog itself.

My blog has been updated on numerous occasions in order to make it more appealing for readers, however I believe in hindsight, it could be more accessible and appealing for different readers. Im constantly finding new things I can do to improve my blogs and I will continue to improve it as I go through university, and throughout my adult life.

Like any blogger would, I like to research before I post my blogs. The topics I talk about generally have research mixed with my own experience of the story I’m telling. However, this semester in particular has been an eye-opener in the sense that I’m not as good a researcher as I thought. I was unaware at the wide range/variety of resources I could use to understand audience in the media space. I have found my own unique personality through blogging this semester, as many others would have when they did the BCM241 course. This semester at uni, taking the BCM241 subject, has really made me reconsider the way I post blogs. Within my blog there is some conflicting imagery and messages. For instance, the background. A dark black and white picture of tall buildings mixed with a dark blue background gives the idea that the blogs I post are generally serious and interesting. Whether or not my blog posts are interesting is entirely up to the reader, but the tone of the blog posts has always been relatively light hearted and filled with attempts at humour. I’ve always been a confident writer/ blogger. In some instances I believe that confidence in writing is a good thing. However, I sometimes get too confident with my writing and this can result in mistakes involving spelling and poor choice of resources or even a lack of resources to begin with.

Throughout this subject, i’ve discovered an appreciation for researching and its importance. The ability to research trends helps provide us the opportunity to discuss the reasons as to why we do certain things. As I progress through University, I hope that I can become an effective and efficient researcher and improve my blog significantly. Learning from the mistakes I have made throughout my time at Uni and my time blogging are some of the first steps. Eventually, I hope to spread my audience to different countries. To do this i’d have to improve all the aspects I mentioned earlier. Engaging people on different social media platforms like ‘Twitter’ and ‘Facebook’ would help create a bigger audience and help spread my ideas and messages on certain topics. By following and commenting on other bloggers pages, this could also help me attract a bigger audience.

My Pitch

In my free time I personally love to watch YouTube videos. I can easily spend hours watching all my favourite YouTubers. For example ‘Rooster Teeth’, ‘Cow Chop’, ‘Philip Defranco’ and ‘TV Filthy Frank’. I recommend checking out a few of those guys and girls, some I don’t at all (because they are pretty weird). I tend to procrastinate. Like a lot. It’s always been a habit of mine which I don’t see any chance of it changing in the near future. From what i’ve heard, almost everyone has this issue. The main reason that inspired me to research this was watching my girlfriend procrastinate, she was watching someone dance to the “Crazy Frog” song.

The idea of my pitch, is to explore and research the procrastination that everyone experiences. I’ll focus directly on University students for this study. This is because in my experience, this is the easiest period of study to procrastinate. You have set tutorial and lecture times and it’s entirely up to the student to decide the times in which to study and complete the tasks they’ve been given.

When I procrastinate, I head directly to YouTube. I can watch video after video and lose track of time easily, making it incredibly difficult to get anything done. I can go through all the videos on my subscription list easily when i’m studying, and I can also easily watch videos I wouldn’t regularly watch in my free time. “Yes I do want to learn about the top 10 best ways to survive in the forest”. I’ll watch horrendously boring and uninteresting videos just to avoid studying.

I want research the descent in quality or enjoyment of videos as a student procrastinates. One of my goals is to fully comprehend how students in particular, use YouTube during the Uni semester. Whether they use it to avoid doing their uni work or if they use it efficiently and effectively.

By using qualitative data, I intend to find some answers. I’ll be using primary research like interviews and focus groups. Hopefully this will provide some in-depth answers to my questions and maybe help me find some videos i’m missing out on. I’m always looking for new videos to avoid doing any form of work.


Here’s the links to some of the YouTubers I watch:  (Philip Defranco – News) (Comedy, VERY INAPPROPRIATE AND WEIRD) (Cow Chop, Weird Comedy) (Comedy)

And here is an example of the “appealing and interesting” videos I tend to watch when i’m procrastinating (Dude Perfect Soccer Tricks Video) – I could not care less about this, but when i’m studying, it’s everything I need.


My Media Space

In my BCM241 lecture, we discussed our own personal Media Space, and the purpose of this blog post is to explain my media space.

The first media space that I remember being a part of, was “MSN”. For those of you who don’t know or don’t remember what it’s about, “MSN” was an application for your PC, in which you could communicate with various people from varying locations. In my house, the PC was in the lounge room, near the TV and couches. This would make any conversation visible to my family. I remember every time a person would come near the lounge room, I’d immediately press enter as many times as humanly possible, just so they couldn’t see what I was typing. Not that I was doing anything inappropriate. It was more of a “better to be safe than sorry” situation. My messages were my own, and the person I was messaging to begin with of course.

I remember talking to friend’s constantly on “MSN”. It became a part of my nightly routine, to see what everyone was up to and talk to my friends. There was more to it though, it was fairly advanced in relation to the idea itself, there weren’t any other instant messaging programs that I can remember. It had innovative features, and was efficient and effective.

I remember when I was younger, it was sometimes easier for a person to communicate with others you wouldn’t necessarily talk to in real life. Essentially, “MSN” made people more confident. Being super smooth and suave was easy. In person though, for an 11 year old me? It was impossible to show my charm and skills with a keyboard. Some fantastic lines and techniques included

“Hey, i think you’re pretty…. Oh sorry that was my friend”

Waiting a couple minutes to talk to my crush after they had just signed in, to make sure I didn’t look desperate.

Nowadays, we have programs like “Skype” that have taken the number 1 spot, replacing MSN. There are heaps of different copy-cat programs that have taken inspiration from “MSN”.

It was sad to see it die out, since it was such a big part of my life as a pre-teen boy. MSN had a lot of great things about it, like Webcam usage, changing fonts, names and changing your “motto”. There weren’t any problems with “MSN”, i learnt a lot throughout my time using it. The only thing I didn’t learn, was how to talk to people in real life.


Image result for MSN messenger