Game Contribution

The Game that we designed in class was a collaborative effort between me and my classmates, Nathan, Stephen and Pia. We initially discussed the premise and theme of the game in class and started to discuss all the rules after we had a concrete idea of what the game was going to be about. There are various aspects to take into account when discussing everyones contributions to the task.

These include:

  • Game Theme
  • The Presentation
  • The Slides
  • Game Rules
  • Game Narrative
  • Game Mechanics
  • Game characters

The Game itself was a team effort, with everyone throwing in suggestions and bouncing ideas off each other. I suggested we try and make a game similar to a game called ‘Werewolf’ and that’s what the game ended up being compared to in our presentation. We split the presentation evenly, allowing everyone to choose the paragraphs they wished to discuss. I discussed the potential characters and abilities in the game and answered some questions in relation to the games mechanics and theme. The slides of the presentation were mainly made by Nathan, with the rest of us contributing ideas for the design of the slides and the information within them. The Games rules were again a team effort, as well as the game mechanics, narrative and the characters. I suggested the doctor, the kamikaze and the copycat character and they were then implemented into the pitch for the game and the also the particular attributes they would have, e.g the doctors healing abilities. The Game itself was overall a collaborative effort from everyone in the group.




PIA ERMAN, 5892089:




I'm a University student currently studying at Wollongong from 2015 - present I'm in my very early 20's and enjoy creating (hopefully) entertainingblogs for other people to read and learn from.

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