Individual Game Idea

The Game that my group and I created in our BCM300 class was a game that involved deceit, deception and strategy in order to succeed in the games main goal. That goal was to escape the Artificial Island, which is being controlled by an AI-like character. Whilst completing the main goal, your character had to successfully complete their individual task, which varied depending on the random character you receive. I loved the story and theme of the game that my peers and I had created. For my individual game, I will be continuing the same game, and of course will be changing some aspects of the game, as I believe some of the rules and characters were a bit clunky or confusing. They were great for the game that we originally had, however I feel that games don’t have to be complicated to be fun and challenging.

Story –

The scene is a gritty but futuristic bar set in the year 2144. There has been a killer hiding out in the bar unbeknownst to everyone inside. Everyone has to figure out who the killer is before they are killed. They can choose to escape the bar and leave everyone to the killer, or they can find out who the killer is and save everyone. Every player will receive a character card with their role on it. These cards will determine how you will play the game.

The characters I have so far are:

  • The Killer – Can kill once per round, or injure two
  • The Detective – Has to find out the identities of 3 people before he can escape the bar
  • The Bartender – Revives and heals people with his/her selection of fine wines.
  • The Identity thief – Tries to convince the other patrons that they are the killer.
  • The Wildcard – This loose unit loves causing mischief. They can either help the detective find out who the killer is or help the killer complete his goal.


There will be 2 HP for each player, this will be shown by tokens that are placed on the intended victims cards during the night phase. I want the location to have a bigger part within the gameplay, for example possibly having a bartender or waitress to help the killer out with other certain drinks and to incorporate more characters that will impact the way the game is played. Each characters moves will be completed through the night phase, so no one knows any of the other players identities.





I'm a University student currently studying at Wollongong from 2015 - present I'm in my very early 20's and enjoy creating (hopefully) entertainingblogs for other people to read and learn from.

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