Game Rules

2am Lockout Phase-  Game Loop

Everyone closes their eyes

Killer wakes up – chooses from pile of grey in the middle to kill or harm 2 players

Killer blacks out (Closes their eyes)

Accomplice wakes up – chooses from pile of grey cards to harm 1 player, but cannot kill anyone

Accomplice blacks out

Bartender wakes up – chooses from pile of orange cards to heal 1 player, they can revive someone.

Bartender goes to replace the Future VB keg (closes their eyes)

Creep wakes up – can view one persons card but cannot reveal what he saw cause everyone would know he’s gross. Should respond to questions like a regular, however can vote according to what he/she knows

Creep blacks out

Tipsy patron wakes up – can see if he/she has been hurt and can move it to the player next to their left.

Everybody wakes up and the game begins.

Detective Rules and mini-objectives-

The detective asks the questions

The detective can only ask 2 questions per round.

Detective must find the identity of a minimum of 3 people to be considered the only winner

Killer Rules and Mini-objectives – 

Killers can only kill 1 person per night phase, or take away half of two peoples health

The Killer must survive without being caught to win

Bartender Rules and Mini-objectives –

Bartender can only give one person 1 hp per night phase

They can also choose to be responsible and not serve drinks past lockout

Accomplice Rules and Mini-objectives –

Accomplice can only hurt 1 person per night phase.

The Accomplice wins if the killer wins

If possible, try to convince everyone that they are the killer

Regular Rules and Mini-objectives –

Have a good night

Can help either side if they can figure out everyones characters

Tipsy Patron’s Rules and Mini-objectives – 

can see if he/she has been hurt and can move it to the player next to their left.


Game Rules –

Amount of People 6 – 12

Everyone is assigned a number from 1 – 12

1 Grey card is 1 Hit point

Lives are 2 hit points

Dice are rolled in order to decide who the detective will ask a question

You cannot ask anyone’s identities.

At the end of every day phase, the health of each players will be revealed. The only people who will know who’s hurt originally are the killer/bartender/accomplice and the person that is hurt.

1 Detective, 1 Accomplice, 1 Killer, 1 Bartender, 2 Regulars. Minimum cards. If there are more players, 1 regular and 2 tipsy patrons will be added. Only 1 killer and 1 detective.



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